Message from the Principal's Desk

"I have immense pleasure in announcing that Aswini College of Nursing is entering into the 10th year of functioning. We are proud and happy to bring out the best qualified Nurses with excellence in patient care.

The nursing students continue to serve the people by providing care, health education and also help them in prevention of disease, promotion of health and rehabilitation.

I am realizing that, it is a good campus for adequate financial support from our beloved management; College of Nursing with a High-Tech hospital and fully adequate facilities.

Expressing my view that colleges are the field of learning and hospital for the poor and needy, and nurses are the Samaritans of all man kind.

A drop of water can make a sea, a little contribution for progress brings the institution to the highest level of appreciation and recognition. My best wishes to all my beloveds."

Dr. V Indra